I couldn’t have prepared for how I felt this week — it was as if I was totally exposed to the world.

Launching the Kickstarter campaign was a level of stress I’ve rarely experienced in my life, and never in my career. …

The final prototype has arrived and is ready for its debut!

Last week, I worked with some talented people to shoot all the content for the website and Kickstarter. After weeks of endless conception and script revisions, selecting models, reviewing locations, and styling, it was beyond rewarding to spend two…

The third time is the charm, so the saying goes.

Getting that first sample was a gratifying experience — but it still had a long way to go. The function wasn’t what I imagined and the sleek look I was going for came across more Matrix-y than I anticipated.

Testing out the first sample — lots of changes coming!


Aubree Holly

Hopeful entrepreneur

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